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BIOSPHERE - Earth 002 Tuesday February 9th 1999...

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Earth 002 Tuesday, February 9th, 1999 Announcements: The test scheduled for Thursday has been moved to next Tuesday!!! Yeah!!! The second homework assignment was collected today. Lecture notes: BIOSPHERE Our biosphere is a distinguishing characteristic of our planet...it is very unique The biosphere is passive to it's environment: everytime the environment or an element within it changes, the biosphere either moves, adapts, or dies The biosphere itself can change the climate ORGANISMS THAT MAKE UP THE BIOSPHERE Autotroph -means self-feeding...uses chemical/solar energy to create organic matter ( CO2 + H2O--> CH2O + O2 Heterotroph Decomposers -bacteria/fungi that take organic matter and break it down FOOD CHAIN & ENERGY Energy is balanced through respiratory processes The food chain starts out with 100 units of energy and it is utilized by the autotrophs. As you go further down the food chain, only 10% of each of the previous units are available for use NUTRIENTS
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