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Sheldon Pope Bio Lab section L19 November 1, 2007 Affect of Substances on Cellular Structure. Introduction: In this experiment I used water, colchicine, and H 2 O 2 (peroxide) to see the affect that each of these substances have on cellular structure which is called the cytoskeleton. In week one, the eukaryotic cells were bathed in each of these substances and incubated for fifteen minutes. A week later the cells were immersed in a staining solution then viewed under a microscope. The cellular structure of a cell is much like the human skeleton. It gives the cell a shape, framework, and organizes internal activities. This structure is named the cytoskeleton, which consists of three different types of protein filaments. The microtubules are used to transport items throughout the cell via the use of motor proteins. The microtubules are actual tubes which serve as pathways for the motor proteins. Microfilaments are used for cell structure controlling shape and support. Intermediate filaments are used for certain types of cell movement. Microtubules are the major cell component that was examined in the lab. A cell’s microtubules are impossible to see with a simple microscope; therefore the microtubules had to be stained in this experiment to be able to see them. This technique is called immunostaining which uses fluorescent dyes to reveal the microtubules. (Biology Lab Manual 2007) Controls are variables in an experiment that either do not change or their outcome is known. The culture medium in this experiment when applied with the cells will result in the culture medium I expected that the various chemicals will have different effects on the cells’ cytoskeleton. Water will cause the cells to expand and spread the microtubules apart. One of the other solutions should kill the cells and cause the structure to collapse and be invisible or clumped together. Materials and Methods:
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bio lab report5 - Sheldon Pope Bio Lab section L19 November...

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