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Sheldon Pope Lab section L19 11-1-07 Mitosis and Chromosomes Introduction: Mitosis is a necessary function for all cells except for a certain few such as nerve cells. Mitosis is the splitting of one cell and creating two. There are four basic phases to mitosis which consist of prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. Before mitosis happens a cell starts in interphase. The gap 1 phase is where a cell spends most of its life. This is the growth phase and where the cell prepares DNA for replication. The Synthesis phase is where the cell replicates the DNA, duplicates the centriole, and synthesizes steroids. The gap 2 stage prepares the cell for mitosis. The basic function of mitosis is the splitting of chromosomes. Chromosomes are made of a material called chromatin. Chromatin is composed of DNA, as well as histones and other proteins called non-histones. During mitosis chromosomes become vivid and can be seen if they have been stained. In Prophase the spindle fibers attach to the centromeres of each chromosome, and then the spindle fibers line the chromosomes up. By metaphase the chromosomes are all aligned n middle of the cell. The nuclear membrane has disappeared allowing this to happen. Anaphase is next and the chromosomes which were duplicated in S phase are now separated and pulled towards the poles of the cell. The last step is telophase where the nuclear membrane starts to reform and a cleavage furrow is created. (Biology Lab Manual 2007) These are the steps of mitosis for a animal cell. A plant cell has the same effects except instead of spindle fibers from the centrioles, a plant cell uses meristems. Also in a plant cell there is not cleavage furrow created, instead the cell forms a cell plate which is where the new cell is formed.
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This lab is meant to familiarize me with mitosis and it’s certain steps. The experiment consists of using beads to show the S phase in interphase through anaphase. This shows what exactly happens to chromosomes during mitosis. The second part of the lab is to actually see
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course BIOLOGY 41 taught by Professor Albaker during the Fall '08 term at New Hampshire.

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bio lab report6 - Sheldon Pope Lab section L19 11-1-07...

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