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Sheldon Pope Bio Lab section L19 October 11, 2007 Affect of Temperature and Organic Solvents on Water Movement. Introduction: The object of this lab was to take core samples from beet roots and explore osmosis (water movement through cell membrane). The root cells can be affected by a number of things; we used temperature and organic solutions. The plasma membrane is a lipid bi-layer made of lipids and phospholipids. There are proteins in the membrane which help import things into and out of a cell. These proteins help the cell with differential permeability, which specifies which molecules are allowed to pass through the membrane. Diffusion is the movement of highly concentrated particles to an area of low concentrated area; these areas are called diffusion pressures. When particles move, for example movement from diffusion, kinetic energy is the energy that is produced from the movement. Cells need water to operate, if cells dry up they usually die, but if cells have too much water, they can burst. Animal cells have a cell membrane, while plants have a cell wall along with a membrane; this makes a plant cell impossible to burst from in taking water and a little more durable than an animal cell. Solutions that have more water than what is inside the cell will tend to move into the cell through diffusion, this solution is called hypotonic. The opposite would be a hypertonic solution which has less water than the cell and sucks water out of a cell to create equilibrium. Protoplasts are plant cells with no cell walls, this exposes the cell membrane. If that plant cell was placed in a solution of sucrose or salt, the cell would shrink because diffusion would force water out of the cell. A regular plant cell would suck in from the cell wall and create Hectian filaments between the membrane and cell wall.(Biology Lab Manual 2007)
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bio lab report4 - Sheldon Pope Bio Lab section L19 Affect...

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