bio lab report10 - Sheldon Pope (and group 5) Biology 412...

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Sheldon Pope (and group 5) Biology 412 Lab Section L18 Evolution Lab
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2-7-08 Introduction: Evolution is the natural progression and adaptations of animals due to their environment and surroundings. This lab is an educational tool used to test the Hardy-Weinberg law. Fitness deals with evolution in the fact that usually the more fit animals survive to reproduce and create fit offspring. Fitness does not always work out for a species when something like and environment change happens. This is called a selection pressure; sometimes the fit animal is not the one that will survive in its environment. All of these are factors of natural selection which is the factors of the environment which basically “choose” which genetic alleles will be passed onto the next generation. When the environment does not change and the genotype of animals remains stable, this is called equilibrium which the Hardy-Weinberg principle is based. Materials and Methods: Glass Bowl Snap Beads (2 colors) Recording Sheet Calculator Choose a proportion of beads according to the genotypes bb, br, and rr. The letter b means blue while r means red beads. Make the total genotypes of bb, br, and rr
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course BIOLOGY 41 taught by Professor Albaker during the Fall '08 term at New Hampshire.

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bio lab report10 - Sheldon Pope (and group 5) Biology 412...

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