bio lab report13 - Sheldon Pope (with Allison, Eric and...

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Sheldon Pope (with Allison, Eric and Lam) Bio 412 Lab Section 18 2-28-08 Introduction: Plants are multicellular organisms within the Kingdom Plantae. Compared to the past organisms that have been studied in labs, plants are a little more sophisticated. All of the past organisms reproduced mostly asexually, while plants reproduce sexually unless forced to do otherwise. Plants are also great genetic models for biologists, because of their simple genome and quick results. Plants are always photosynthetic which allows them to produce their own food. The strong cellular walls are made with cellulose. Plants store carbohydrates as starch which allows them to use it later. Bryophytes are a category of plants, not all plants are under this category. Bryophytes incorporate all mosses, liverworts, and hornworts. These plants are the most primitive group of land plants. The plants in this group have no vascular tissue which means no free moving liquid inside the plant. Usually bryophytes are small and unnoticeable, and they can be found in many environments such as rocky areas to deserts. The phylum Hepaticophyta includes liverworts. These plants are known as the earliest land plants. They reproduce sexually or asexually, but prefer sexual reproduction. There are male and female plants to perform reproduction. The sporophytes from liverworts are not photosynthetic. The stalked capsule has spores and elaters.
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bio lab report13 - Sheldon Pope (with Allison, Eric and...

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