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Sheldon Pope (with Allison, Eric and Lam) Bio 412 Lab Section 18 3-6-08 Gymnosperms and Angiosperms Introduction: Gymnosperm can literally be translated as “naked seed”. They reproduce by seed pollination. Eggs are contained inside female cones which turn into seeds when pollinated. The male cones contain sperm which when they open are spread through the air in the form of pollen. The Gymnosperms are claimed to be the first group of seed plants to have evolved. These plants produce two different kinds of gametes. Microspores occur in the male cone, while the female cone contains megaspores; each gamete respectively creates a male or female gametophyte. Phyla Ginkgophyta contains a ginkgo plant which unlike common gymnosperms does not have seed cones. The only plant within the Ginkgophyta phyla is the Ginkgo biloba . This plant has sperm that swim because it does not have cones. Conifers are classified into the phyla Coniferophyta. These trees have cones and needles. The cones are either ovulate or staminate cones. The staminate cones release pollen grains, while the ovulate cones produce seeds. The needles are the conifers form of leaves; they have wax on the outside which allows the needles to retain water. This allows conifers to live in extreme areas that other plants would find it difficult to survive in.
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Cycads are the plants that make up the phyla Cycadophyta. Cycads have unbranched trunks because at the top of the tree there are large and tightly packed bunches of leaves. These leaves contain strobili which resemble cones. The male’s sperm is motile. There are
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bio lab report14 - Sheldon Pope(with Allison Eric and Lam...

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