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English 201 - Andrew Marvell

English 201 - Andrew Marvell - (1650 Gives account of...

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Andrew Marvell (1621-1678) Son of Church of England clergyman Member of Parliament 1659-1678 Poetry published 1681 Range of subject matter - private love and religion; public politics and satire Early poems associate him with Royalists After 1649, poetry celebrates Commonwealth and Oliver Cromwell Anonymous anti-royalist poems – satires on Charles II; defense of Puritan dissenters; denunciation of censorship An Horatian Ode
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Unformatted text preview: (1650) Gives account of historical events: • Rise of Cromwell, lines 1-56 • execution of Charles I, lines 57-64 • Cromwell’s military victories Tries to reconcile past political turmoil • Shows concern with creating appearance of balanced judgment • Creates vision of the civil wars as a battle between Cromwell and Charles I • Shapes perspective on history and expectations for the future...
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