English 201 - Beowulf 2

English 201 - Beowulf 2 - Having honor gaining honor...

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Beowulf Related websites: csis.pace.edu/grendel/projs4a/sutton.htm – Sutton Hoo ship burial www.heorot.dk/beo-guide.html - glossary and images for terms in Beowulf www.georgetown.edu/labyrinth/library/oe/texts/a4.1.html - Old English text I. Long epic poem from Anglo-Saxon Period (449-1066) 597 A. Poetic devices: Alliteration Poetic Variation Kennings Appositives B. Revival of Germanic heroic poetry: relationship between warrior and his lord based on trust and respect moral obligation to avenge kinsman with death or payment long-lasting feuds battles or challenges that show strength, exact vengeance, enhance glory, or protect one’s people C. Depicts a unified Germanic culture based on: oral poetry legendary figures wave of interest in Germanic history as national non- Roman past D. Characteristics of the Germanic culture depicted: Monarchy importance of family/clan
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Pagan religion, belief in monsters Folklore
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Unformatted text preview: Having honor, gaining honor communal life – drink, party Dying with honor, avenging wrongs “Weirgild” Value riches, wealth Honor warrior for deeds with treasure Competition Boasting “Barbaric” II. Christian Poet writing about Pagan culture A. References can all be traced to Old Testament B. Absence of great dogmas of Christianity C. Possible explanations for the “Christian flavoring” 1. the poet is commenting from a superior position on the sadness of the fates of the pagan people, consciously and purposefully including Christian references to emphasize this fate to his audience 2. the poet is writing in a time of transition b/t paganism and Christianity and his poem reflects the way the two coexisted in social practices and common beliefs D. What markers of the Poet’s Christianity did you notice? How would you describe his treatment of the characters?...
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English 201 - Beowulf 2 - Having honor gaining honor...

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