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English 201 - The Middle Ages

English 201 - The Middle Ages - goal of restoring Jerusalem...

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The Middle Ages in Britain “Middle Ages” = noun, designates a historical period: In Europe, the period between the fall of the Roman Empire (5 th century) and the beginning of the Italian Renaissance (16 th century) In England, the period between the departure of the Romans, about 450, and the beginning of the Tudor Dynasty with Henry VII, 1485. “Medieval” – adjective; refers to something from the period of the Middle Ages, such as objects, language, ideas, or texts. 450 CE – Roman legions withdraw from Britain 476-1066 – Anglo-Saxon Period 597 Missionaries from Rome and Ireland bring Christianity back to England 700-1000 Beowulf written by 955 King Eadred is ruling a united England, first time that the idea of such a nation exists by 1016 England ruled by Viking, Cnut 1066 – Norman Conquest begins; William I (the Conqueror) triumphs at the Battle of Hastings over Harold II, the last Saxon king
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French speaking ruling class over a large English speaking peasant population 1095-1221 Crusades; holy wars sanctioned by the Pope with the
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Unformatted text preview: goal of restoring Jerusalem and the Holy Land to Christian rule 1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket murdered at Canterbury 1215 Magna Carta signed by King John; grants property rights to noblemen, limits royal power over land rights. 1337-1453 Hundred Years War between England and France, beginning with Edward III of England asserting his claims to the French throne 1386-1400 Chaucer works on The Canterbury Tales 1422 Death of Henry V 1455-1485 Wars of the Roses Civil wars between the House of Lancaster (red rose) and the House of York (white rose), cousins with claims to the throne 1470 Sir Thomas Malory writes Arthurian legends 1476 William Caxton introduces printing to England; prints at least two editions of The Canterbury Tales 1485 Henry Tudor of the House of Lancaster triumphs, becomes King Henry VII, and establishes the Tudor Dynasty 1485 Caxton prints Malory’s legends with the title Le Morte D’ Arthur...
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English 201 - The Middle Ages - goal of restoring Jerusalem...

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