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English 202 - James Joyce's The Dead

English 202 - James Joyce's The Dead - James...

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James Joyce (1882-1941) Writing, consciousness, and nationality Break down of grand cultural myths and systems of belief The “epiphany” – a new experience of knowledge Writing explores human consciousness in the midst of changing systems Irish nationality o Joyce wrote while living in Europe but always wrote about Dublin o He had a sense of being in exile as a writer because of rebellion against Irish values and expectations “The Dead” (published 1914 in collection titled Dubliners ) Which, if any, characteristics of modern literature are present in Joyce's story? Besides the time of its production, why should this story be categorized as Modernist? Or, alternatively, how does it challenge such a categorization? Last story in Dubliners , which begins with childhood, and moves through adolescence, adulthood, and public life Most of the stories focus on a single moment in a person’s life that highlights the particular stage of life being considered; but, “The Dead” encompasses life from childhood through death Combination of personal issues of desire and belonging and political issues Irish and English identity Joyce’s representation of the party: Emphasizes its routine: “always a great affair”; “for years and years…as long as anyone can remember”; “that was a good thirty years ago.” Full of activity and life, but an undertone of exhaustion: “Lily…was literally run off her feet”; Freddy Malins’s sleepiness; Aunt Julia’s blank stare Joyce believed that Irish culture had become, by and large, cut off from the world and “paralyzed” -- Julia’s and Kate’s party represents that paralysis to some extent
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Gabriel and the party:
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English 202 - James Joyce's The Dead - James...

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