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English 202 - Modernism

English 202 - Modernism - demands reader participation to...

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Modernism (1914-1945) Sometimes considered to begin in 1880s, with height of modernism 1914-45 Artists envision a definite break with the past “Avant-garde” – relatively small group of writers, self-consciously experimenting with form Rejection of Victorian traditions and values, especially those associated with the middle class Intense and dramatic experimentation in style, form, and content: complex allusions, fragmentation, focus on Art, rejections of realism and traditional poetic conventions “sense of urban cultural dislocation”
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Characteristics of Modernist literature Perspectivism : Interest in presenting multiple viewpoints Impressionism : Concern with representing the processes of perception and knowing Self-reflexivity : Awareness of the constructed nature of art; struggle to give appropriate form to the complexities of life Fragmentation : Use of parallels, accumulation of details, juxtaposition;
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Unformatted text preview: demands reader participation to create coherence • Internal reality : shown through limited omniscient point of view, dreamscapes, or stream-of-consciousness • Rejection of linear time : use of digressive, recursive or disconnected episodes or details • Open or ambiguous endings : emphasis on the indeterminate nature of experience • Allusiveness : free use of material from the cultural or literary past, often as a means of ironic comparisons • Use of myth and symbol : Exploration of unconscious psychological processes or “primitive” ways of ordering reality • Cultural Relativism : Desire to respect or to appropriate ideas and values from other cultures, especially colonized and marginalized groups of people • Primacy of Art : A self-conscious concern with form and with the art object as object. Art is a refuge and gives meaning in an alien, superficial world...
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English 202 - Modernism - demands reader participation to...

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