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English 202 - Robert Browning - C. Porphyrias Lover (1836)...

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III. Robert Browning (1812-1889) A. Poetic career Not immediately popular Met wife, Elizabeth Barrett through her interest in his poetry – she was a much more popular poet at the time By 1860’s, Browning rivaled Tennyson as one of the most influential poets of the period B. Dramatic monologue A character speaking directly to an audience Creates distance between poet and speaker Creates proximity between speaker and reader Allows for psychological exploration of a demented mind
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Unformatted text preview: C. Porphyrias Lover (1836) Relationship between speaker and Porphyria Motives for the speakers actions Clues that speaker is delusional and therefore unreliable A. My Last Duchess (1845) Audience representative for next Duchess Purpose of speech Attitude toward art Values of the Duke Readers role in piecing together the real story/ mimics fictional audiences role in decoding the Dukes story...
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