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Mr. West Florence By: Hunter Santoscoy The Mr. West Florence pageant at West Florence High School is one of the most anticipated events of the year. This event packs out the entire auditorium at West every year and has been an event for years. The event features different competitions like Best Legs, Best dressed, and Fan favorite. This leads to a huge diversity in different guys doing everything possible to win the main trophy of being named “Mr. West Florence.” This year’s Mr. WF is senior Jack Harrington “I’m so happy to be named Mr. West Florence, and loved performing,” said Harrington.. Harrington is well known around West as being a very outgoing student, so it’s fitting he won. Being Hattington’s last year, he was happy to add the title of Mr. West Florence to his high school memories. The competition is not one that happens overnight. “It takes many months of planning, and hard work to plan Mr. West Florence,” said Chorus Teacher Nikki Raines. Raines is the teacher that helps bring the whole event together, and gets all the boys together for rehearsal. Proceeds from the event go to the Chorus Department.
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