IN EARTH 002 - Earth 002 Monday Announcements TA Info.Jen...

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Unformatted text preview: Earth 002 Monday, January 12, 1999 Announcements: TA Info...Jen Eigenbrode, 312 Deike, [email protected], 863-3965 Lecture notes: IN EARTH 002 Take a system-oriented approach Understand the components of each of the systems Review Earth's history to see how it has changed Make predictions for the future Ask what do we do? VOCABULARY TERMS Gaia-"mother earth"; a system that interacts and is self-regulating GARLIC TEST : G-global, A-application, R-relevance, L-learn, I-image, C-character INTRODUCTORY TERMS Systems-a set of interacting components Subsystems-a smaller system with its own interacting components Reservoirs-consisting of both mass and energy Transfers-exchanging components of one reservoir to another Variables (ex. temp, size, etc.) HOMEOSTASIS A system that stays in balance even though the environment around it is changing Ex.: Human Body...maintains normal body temperature when healthy and the environment hasn't changed too drastically. Is the earth a homeostatic thing? It is capable of acting as an interactive whole. SYSTEMS Isolated System-a totally closed system that exchanges energy but not mass Open System-a system that exchanges both energy and mass outside of the system (ex. Earth; gets energy from the sun and gives it up too) Steady State-a system that is in balance through time UNDERSTANDING THE SYSTEM Deductive Approach-to understand the system deductively, you must reason from the general to the specific to reach a conclusion Inductive Aproach-to understand the system inductively, you must use particular facts to reach a general conclusion ...
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2008 for the course EARTH 002 taught by Professor Eigenbrode during the Spring '99 term at Penn State.

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IN EARTH 002 - Earth 002 Monday Announcements TA Info.Jen...

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