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English 202 - William Woodsworth - 7. literature should...

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I. William Wordsworth, Preface to Lyrical Ballads (1800, 1802) A.Presents coherent theory of ideas that have been emerging What are the major claims that Wordsworth makes about poetry in the assigned section of the Preface to Lyrical Ballads ? B. Displays “the spirit of the Age†How does Wordsworth’s Preface reflect the “spirit of the age“ and the texts about revolution that we read and discussed on Wednesday? C. Important passages 1. Purpose of his poems (118) 2. Inclusion of Rustic life (118) 3. Spontaneity and emotion (119) 4. Current state of literature (119) 5. Guards against mistaken criticism (119) 6. simplicity of prose vs. pleasures of verse (122) D. Recap of Concepts for New Poetry: 1. scenes taken from common life with a coloring of imagination 2. language of “realâ€N men 3. poetic language does not need to be different from prose 4. written in response to spontaneous emotion 5. should acknowledge the beauty of the universe 6. a poet is a “man speaking to menâ€
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Unformatted text preview: 7. literature should keep humans emotionally alive and morally sensitive II. Goody Blake, and Harry Gill, A True Story ( Lyrical Ballads 1798) A. narrative poetry B. form C. political implications III. Lines, composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey ( Lyrical Ballads 1798) A. Form of the poem How does the poem exemplify the ideas given in the Preface? B. Organization of the poem 1. describes the present scene of the River Wye 2. reflects on past five years 3. elaborates the comfort received from memory 4. compares remembered picture in his mind to the present one 5. recognizes the sublime beauty of the universe 6. addresses Dorothy and her experience of the scene A. Nature and memory 1. anchor, nurse, guide, and guardian 2. the soul of all my moral being (lines 105-111) 3. the self and nature (how is nature viewed by each subject-position in the poem?) 4. Dorothys role in Williams meditations...
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English 202 - William Woodsworth - 7. literature should...

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