History 152 - Lecture 3

History 152 - Lecture 3 - Lecture#3 The response to...

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Lecture #3: The response to corporate practices I. Strikes A. 1839-1877 there were 159 strikes B. 1877 over 400 C. Riots of unemployed 1. Depression of 1873, put as many as 3 million people out of work 2. Protest of the unemployed – worse in industrialized society 3. unemployed met publicly in public places and refused to disperse when police came 4. Jan. 13, 1874, Tompkins Square, New York. 5. Demanding relief for unemployed, at first relief was promised and mayor agreed to speak 6. Radicals were also going to speak and the police withdrew their permit for the group 7. Unaware, the people saw mounted police approaching 8. They charged the crowd, intermittingly swinging clubs, hitting and trampling men women and children, and dozens of innocent bystanders were injured 9. Next day: NY Times reported that police applied their clubs with “reasonable but not excessive severity,” and that “the scrambles of the mob as the officers advanced were not unamusing.” 10. Ignoring the underlying cause of workers discontents and their rights to seek unemployment relief, saying that the meeting was the work of radical aliens D. 1877 Railroad strikes 1. a. 10% pay cut for workers and a 10% dividend to its shareholders b. 95 cents a day c. owners 175,000 a year d. Baltimore – workers stopped all trains, and began to seize railroad property e. Gov. of Maryland called out the state militia – on their way from the armory to the railway station a crowd of workers barraged them with clubs and rocks f. Troops opened fire and broke for the station. g.
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History 152 - Lecture 3 - Lecture#3 The response to...

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