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History 152 - Lecture 7 - Lecture # 6 Progressivism I....

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Lecture # 6 Progressivism I. Progressivism: How to handle the problems produced by industrialism A. 1889 a young woman leased an upper floor of a dilapidated mansion in Chicago’s Westside immigrant population of Italians, Russians, Jews and Greeks B. Hull House – Jane Addams C. Two fold objective: 1. Help her neighbors 2. and help educated women like herself find work D. Over the next decade Hull House expanded from one rented floor in an old brick mansion to 13 buildings housing a variety of activities. E. Hull House offered: 1. public baths 2. coffee shop 3. restaurant with take out food for working women to take home for families 4. nursery 5. kindergarten 6. Classes, lectures, art exhibits, musical instruction and college extension courses 7. Gymnasium, theater, manual training workshop, labor museum, and first public playground in Chicago F. Visitors and workers at hull house were reformers and were working with scientific methods to try and answer social problems with precision and efficiency. G. Reformers – worked with statistics launched campaigns to improve housing, end child labor, mediate between management and labor. H.
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History 152 - Lecture 7 - Lecture # 6 Progressivism I....

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