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Lecture #9: In the Shadow of War I. Jim Crow A. Republicans resisted segregation efforts of the South on public transportation B. Mississippi had fines up to 1,000 dollars and 3 years in jail for railroads, steamboats, hotels and theaters that denied “full and equal rights.” C. Passing laws was one thing, enforcing them another D. Jim Crow: name of a character in a popular minstrel song E. In court, blacks had to swear on a separate Bible F. 1896 passage of Plessy vs. Ferguson – doctrine of separate but equal G. As long as things were equal, separation was okay H. Support for black equality had few advocates II. The Klan A. Founded in summer of 1866 by six confederate veterans in Pulaski, TN. B. Started like a college fraternity to play pranks on one another C. By 1868 other groups had sprung up D. Purpose: to act in self-defense from black rapists and robbers E. Goal for the hoods and sheets was terrorism against ex-slaves and white republicans F. Punished impudence 1. Black man is not polite to a white man
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