Casablanca - Communications 150 February 23, 1999...

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Communications 150 February 23, 1999 Announcements: Lecture Notes: I. Casablanca It is a war film, even though it appears to be a love story II. Propaganda Films These films help to shape our understanding of "real" wars Hollywood played a huge role in the creation of these war films The Vietnam War is a good example of the use of propaganda because of the large amount of television coverage it received III. World War II Propaganda Films During WWII, the government screened the movies before the public got to watch them. Hollywood had to follow certain rules of war, which were established by the Geneva Convention. For example: Hollywood was not allowed to have any Japanese American actors in their movies especially in war films IV. Suspension of Morality America's moral status was not as clear in the Vietnam war as much as it was in WWII MURDER AND THIEVERY IN CASABLANCA: murder and theft were looked at as moral actions There are different levels of thievery in Casablanca o Global war o Being trapped in Casablanca, people were stealing letters of transit to get out
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o International, national, local, and individual V. Suspension of Narrative Laws The Production Code was very strict. For example: it wouldn't let the two main characters in Casablanca leave in a plane together at the end. The film was shot minute by minute; they would write one scene, shoot
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Casablanca - Communications 150 February 23, 1999...

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