History 152 - Lecture 14

History 152 - Lecture 14 - Lecture # 14 The New Deal I....

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Lecture # 14 The New Deal I. Gathering of the Veterans A. In 1924 the government promised to give every WWI veteran a $1 pension– a bonus – for every day that they were in the armed forces. B. Instead of cash, the govt. gave it to them in a promissory note that veterans could not convert to cash until 1945. C. Poor and destitute because of the depression, veterans began asking for early payment of their war bonus D. One mother asked for a weekly income of 15.60, which would be “enough to pay all world war veterans a pension and there by relieve a lot of suffering, and banish resentment that causes Rebellions and Bolshevism.” E. She asked, “Oh why is that it is always a bunch of overley rich, selfish, dumb ignorant money hogs that persist in being Senators, legislatures and representatives? Where would they and their possession be if it were not fot he Common Soldier, the common laborfer that is compelled to work for a starvation wage. Right now our good old U.S.A. is sitting ona Seethign Volcano.” – Vesuvius F. Hoover denied their request, and in 1932 WWI veterans gathered in Washington D.C. to lobby for immediate payment, condemning what they called the “tombstone bonus,” which would not be paid out until many of them were already dead. G.
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History 152 - Lecture 14 - Lecture # 14 The New Deal I....

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