History 152 - Lecture 18

History 152 - Lecture 18 - Lecture # 18 Korea and McCarthy...

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Lecture # 18 Korea and McCarthy I. Korea 1. Japan controlled Korea – very brutal existence 2. Soviets came down at the end of WWII and met the American troops at the 38 th parallel 3. Both Soviets and U.S. wanted national elections, but neither wanted the other side to win. 4. Soviets supported the Korean Communist Party of the North with Kim Il-sung 5. Americans favored Syngman Rhee for the South 6. Two separate governments were set up. 7. Northern communist government was much more organized, more efficient and far less corrupt than Syngman Reah’s administration. 8. U.S. pulled troops out in 1948, along with the Soviets. 9. North invades the South i. June 24 th 1950, 90,000 northern troops swept South – rolling right over initial U.S. defenses ii. Truman assumed that China and/or Soviets instigated the attack. They did agree to the attack but it was Kim Il-sung’s idea. iii. Goal was to unify Korea iv. On June 30 th Truman decided to commit ground troops deciding that Korea was to be the Asian test for containment against communism. v. Truman appointed General Douglas McArthur – Philippine island fame vi. It was a U.N. led force, but U.S. had the majority of troops, committing 1.8 million troops. vii.
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History 152 - Lecture 18 - Lecture # 18 Korea and McCarthy...

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