History 152 - Lecture 19

History 152 - Lecture 19 - Lecture 19 The Fifties I Nixon...

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Lecture # 19: The Fifties I. Nixon and Khrushchev A. 1959, Vice President Richard Nixon led Soviet primier Nikita Khrushchev through the American National Exhibition in Moscow. B. Walked through a exhibit of a six room ranch style house. Nixon claimed that all people in America can afford to buy one of these. C. Showed off the washer machines and all the modern conveniences of in the kitchen to make life easier for women. D. Soviet leader Khrushchev countered with his own statements of how the Soviets did not need such gadgets to be happy and they did not view their women as domestic servants E. Became known as the kitchen debates as to which economic style was better II. Nuclear Arms race A. Stalin died in 1953 and Khrushkev was more moderate B. Both Krushkev and Eisenhower wanted to come to nuclear arms agreement, and by 1960 both sides were close to agreeing to a ban on nuclear testing. Two sides agreed to meet in Paris in May of 1960 C. To avoid jeopardizing the summit, Eisenhower canceled all espionage flights over the Soviet Union. Order came one day too late. D. May 1, 1960 the Soviets shot down a U2 spy plane over Soviet territory – ruined hopes of a nuclear arms agreement E. By 1961, when Eisenhower left office, the US had 72 ICBM’s in the U.S. and Britain and were going to put more in Italy and Turkey. F. First submarine to carry nuclear weapons in 1960 G. Soviets launched Sputnick in 1957 and beat the U.S. into space. Spurred Cold War fright by suggesting they were ahead in the arms race also. III.
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History 152 - Lecture 19 - Lecture 19 The Fifties I Nixon...

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