History 152 - Lecture 22

History 152 - Lecture 22 - Lecture # 22: Vietnam Kennedy's...

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Lecture # 22: Vietnam I. Kennedy’s Vietnam A. Vietnam was a colony of France – at the time called Indo-China B. Kennedy’s key military advisor – general Maxwell Taylor thought Vietnam would be a good testing ground for Containment, to hold the Soviet Union at bay and that their plan to sponsor “wars of liberation” would be “costly, dangerous and doomed to failure.” C. Two problems with Taylor’s analysis i. South Vietnamese insurgents – the ones the U.S. wanted to expel from the country – called Vietcong “Vietnamese Communists” by the U.S. were an indigenous force that came from within the country and not the Soviety Union or China. Even Ho Chi Minh did not supply the communists rebels in the South with weapons until 1959. ii. South Vietnamese government from 1954 – 1963 was very corrupt, and picked “suck up” military leaders who were more interested in self-promotion than stopping communism. D. In 1960, the North Vietnam government from Hanoi, a group of southern rebels led by the North called the NLF – National Liberation Front, E. Constructed a series of infiltration routes into from Cambodia and Laos into the South to bring people and supplies to liberate the South. F.
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History 152 - Lecture 22 - Lecture # 22: Vietnam Kennedy's...

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