History 152 - Lecture 25

History 152 - Lecture 25 - Lecture 25 The rise and fall of...

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Lecture # 25 – The rise and fall of liberalism I. Four phases of liberalism A. Classical liberalism i. limiting the governments right to interfere with the economic and political rights of the citizens ii. focus on the autonomy of the individual: 1789 – 1900. B. Progressivism i. building morality among the masses ii. reforming the individual and improving character iii. Involving the government to make changes in society – strong state liberalism C. New Deal Liberalism i. Goal was to tame capitalism – capitalist economy was unbalanced in terms of distribution of power ii. Reform of capitalism, but not abandon it iii. Issues of racial and economic discrimination were best left alone or addressed indirectly through programs of economic reform. D. Liberalism of today i. WWII: Nazism – racism and individual rights became the form of liberalism that we have now. ii. Different groups since WWII have fought for rights: Civil Rights movement, women’s movements, gay rights, etc. E. All liberals have three things in common: i. emancipation: whoever needs to be freed ii. rationality: bringing order to the system iii. progress: moving forward II. The Liberal consensus A. The election of 1932 turned the most states, except for a few in the Northeast to vote for the democratic candidate FDR. B.
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History 152 - Lecture 25 - Lecture 25 The rise and fall of...

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