History 152 - Lecture 27

History 152 - Lecture 27 - Lecture # 27 Feminism I. New...

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Lecture # 27 Feminism I. New Wave of Feminism A. Give a brief history of feminist movement that ended with suffrage in 1920. B. On August 26, 1970, 50 years after women won the right to vote, tens of thousands of women took to the streets in demonstrations. C. They carried placards “Sisterhood is Powerful,” “Don’t Cook Dinner – Starve a rat today.” D. Consciousness about the role and place of women in society came to national attention during WWII when more women than ever entered the workforce. E. After the war, more women began entering college where their aspirations expanded beyond domestic roles. F. In 1961 Kennedy appointed a PCSW (President’s Commission on the Status of Women). It was chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt. G. On October 1963, just eight months after Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique attacking discrimination, the commission reported its findings. i. committee did not challenge traditional roles it did find widespread discrimination against women. ii. Number one offense was the age-old custom of paying women less than men for the same work. iii.
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History 152 - Lecture 27 - Lecture # 27 Feminism I. New...

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