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History 152 - Lecture 28 - Lecture#28 The Conservative...

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Lecture #28: The Conservative Years I. Conservatives A. Like George W. Bush, evangelicals helped to elect Reagan in 1980 B. History of fundamentalism 1. Began around 1890, with D.L. Moody 2. Sinking ship, bread and Bible 3. Culture at the time was moving away from absolute truths 4. Fundamentalism held on to it 5. Name comes from a multi-volume set called The Fundamentals 6. Phrase coined in 1920 II. Losing Religion i. 1925 Scopes monkey trial ii. Legislation in many southern states against teaching evolution in school iii. John Scopes – approached by ACLU to break the law in Dayton TN iv. State of Tennessee took him to court v. Clarence Darrow defense attorney – Loeb and Leopold vi. William Jennings Bryan – Prosecuting attorney vii. First trial ever to be covered on live radio viii. Bryan took the stand in defense of the Bible ix. Bryan completely humiliated x. Tennessee favored Bryan and Scopes ordered to pay $100, which he never did xi. Bryan died just a few days after the trial III. Contemporary Fundamentalism A. Evangelicalism grew in the late sixties and early 70’s B. Jesus movement i. Larry Norman became the father of Christian Rock as early as 1956 when he combined Christian Lyrics to Rock n’ Roll. ii. In the sixties Time magazine called him the most influential artist of the time, comparing his lyrics to Paul Simon’s. iii. Opened up for such groups as the Doors, Grateful Dead, and Janis Joplin iv. Influential on the band U2 v. Most of his albums banned at some point vi. Made Christian Rock vogue C. By the 1980’s huge mega churches with an emphasis on Jesus as your friend. D.
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History 152 - Lecture 28 - Lecture#28 The Conservative...

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