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History 152 - Midterm Study Guide - Pullman Strike of 1894...

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Midterm Exam Study Guide Names Jane Addams Theodore Roosevelt W.E.B. Du Bois Booker T. Washington Eugene V. Debs Emma Goldman Margaret Sanger William Jennings Bryan Andrew Carnegie J.P. Morgan Huey Long Father Coughlin Clarence Darrow Ida Tarbell Henry Cabot Lodge Robert and Helen Lynd John Maynard Keynes Rutherford B. Hayes John Roebling Upton Sinclair Woodrow Wilson Francis Townsend Birth of a Nation George Pullman John Hershey Rosie the Riveter Lewis Mumford Ku Klux Klan Rose Schneiderman Midterm Exam is Thursday October 25th Events/Terms Social Gospel Walking City Progressivism Populism
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Unformatted text preview: Pullman Strike of 1894 Homestead Strike of 1892 Haymarket Riot of 1886 American Federation of Labor Progressive / Bull Moose Party Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Lusitania Red Scare Great Migration Harlem Renaissance Tarrifs Isolationism Radicalism ACLU Buying on Margin Bonus Army New Deal Court Packing Scheme Truck System Welfare State Atom Bomb Federal Emergency Relief Administration Emergency Banking Act Tennessee Valley Authority Works Progress Administration Gospel of Wealth Cross of Gold Speech Atlanta Compromise...
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