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psych 100 most missed midterm 1 - 14 39 Diversity in IQ...

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Most missed topics for Midterm #1 White Blue Did you miss it?  Topic Chapter 26 1 Syllogisms, formal reasoning Thinking 16 41 Types of concepts (natural, formal, prototypes) Thinking 23 48 Aphasias Neuropsychology 13 38 Multiple intelligences Intelligence 48 23 Neurotransmitters Neuropsychology 40 15 Biases and heuristics in thinking Thinking 4 29 Stages of moral reasoning Lifespan development 18 43 Stages of cognitive development Lifespan development 27 2 Heuristics Thinking
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Unformatted text preview: 14 39 Diversity in IQ scores Intelligence These are a list of the questions that were missed by the greatest number of Psychology 100 students on the first midterm. These topics will appear on the next midterm. The identical questions will not appear but the topics will be tested again. Please see your instructor if you have any questions about this....
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