psych 100 most missed midterm 2

psych 100 most missed midterm 2 - 39 9 Brain structures...

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Most Missed Topics for Midterm #2 White Pink Did you miss it? Topic Chapter 2 32 Algorithms, formal reasoning Thinking 4 34 Color vision Sensation 7 37 Analgesia, pain sensation Sensation 9 39 Classical conditioning Learning 13 43 Interference (retroactive, proactive) Memory 16 46 Cognitive processes in learning (insight, latent, etc.) Learning 18 48 Schedules of reinforcement Learning 19 49 Aphasia (Broca’s, Wernicke’s) Neuropsychology 22 52 Cognitive processes in learning (observational, vicarious conditioning) Learning 25 55 Perceptual processing (top-down, bottom-up) Perception 28 58 Theories of Intelligence Intelligence 34 4 Attribution 36 6 Neurotransmitters Neuropsychology 38 8 Depth cues (relative size, interposition,etc.) Perception
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Unformatted text preview: 39 9 Brain structures involved in hunger Motivation & Emotion 41 11 Perceptual organization (figure-ground, grouping) Perception 42 12 Stages of moral development Lifespan Development 43 13 Models of memory Memory 45 15 Theories of emotion (James, Cannon, cognitive) Motivation & Emotion 55 25 Operant conditioning (reinforcers, punishment) Learning These are a list of the questions that were missed by the greatest number of Psychology 100 students on the second midterm. These topics will appear on the final. The identical questions will not appear but the topics will be tested again. Please see your instructor if you have any questions about this....
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psych 100 most missed midterm 2 - 39 9 Brain structures...

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