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English 201 - Syllabus - English 201 Selected Works of...

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English 201: Selected Works of British Literature, Origins through 1800 AU 07, TR 7:30-9:18, Denney Hall, Rm. 238 Instructor: Mary Crone-Romanovski Email: [email protected] Office: Denney 559 Mailbox: Denney 421 Office hours: TR 9:20 – 10:30 and by appointment Course Description: English 201 surveys English literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through the Eighteenth Century. The goals of the course are to introduce students to some representative works of these early periods, trace broad developments in style, language, and genre, and make connections between literature and the political, religious, or social events of history. This course fulfills the GEC requirement in Category VII, Arts and Humanities: Part B Analysis of Texts and Works of Art, section 1 Literature, group a United States/Europe focus. [The following is OSU’s statement on this requirement: Courses in this GEC category aim to teach students how to evaluate significant writing and works of art, and does so on the assumption that study of such objects helps develop capacities for aesthetic and historical judgment, interpretation, and evaluation. University-approved objectives for courses for Category 5.B include: (a) developing the ability to be an informed observer of or active participant in the visual, spatial, musical, theatrical, rhetorical, or written arts; (b) learning to describe and interpret achievement in the arts and literature; (c) learning to explain how works of art and literature express social and cultural issues.] Required Texts Eng 201 Anthology available in class R 9/20 and T 9/25 or online  at  http://www.zippublishing.com/CourseIndexWi07.html Burney, Frances. Evelina . Oxford World’s Classics. ISBN 0192840312 available at SBX (you can also probably find a cheap copy online) Grading Criteria: You must complete all written work to receive a passing grade. Midterm exam 100 pts Final exam 100 pts Reading response portfolio 100 pts Participation and attendance 100 pts Final grade = (Your total points earned)/ 400 Exams – There will be two exams, a midterm and a final. The exams are designed to test your reading completion and comprehension, as well as your critical engagement with the texts. The questions will be a combination of identification, plot summary, and interpretive short answer and will be based on the assigned reading, lectures, and class discussion. If you have a conflict on the day of an exam, you must notify me at least one week in advance of the scheduled exam, and you must be able to schedule a time to complete the exam prior to the class session for which it is scheduled. If you miss an exam due to an unexcused absence, you will not be able to make it up. (In other words, if you are indeed sick during the week of an exam, go to the doctor and get documentation).
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English 201 - Syllabus - English 201 Selected Works of...

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