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WH1010 Exam 1 Study Guide

WH1010 Exam 1 Study Guide - Code of Hammurabi Hittites Nile...

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Hist. 1010 Study Guide Exam #1 Disclaimer: The following is a general guide to help you prepare for the upcoming exam. It is not to be understood as a comprehensive guide to the topics that will be covered on the exam. Moreover, it must be stated that acquiring a simple definition of each of the following key terms will not serve you well on the exam. You must understand the material in its context in order to do well. Chapter 1: Domestication Neolithic Revolution Pastoralism Jericho Catal Huyuk * Lecture Notes Chapter 2 Bantu Migrations Mesopotamia Tigris River Euphrates River Sumer Uruk Epic of Gilgamesh Cuneiform Ziggurat Sargon Hammurabi
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Unformatted text preview: Code of Hammurabi Hittites Nile Great Pyramids Hyksos Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) Battle of Kadesh Judaism David Moses Torah Persia Assyria Zoroastrianism Harappa Mohenjo Daro Oracle Bones Shang Dynasty *Lecture Notes Chapter 3 Indus River Ganges River Karma Jains Buddha Mahavira Nirvana Chandragupta Mauryan Empire Ashoka Stupas Gupta Empire *Lecture Notes Chapter 4 Zhou Dynasty Mandate of Heaven Yellow River Yangtze River Fengjian Warring States Period Confucianism (and Confucius) The Analects Legalism Seven States Qin Shi Huangdi Qin Dynasty Great Wall Bureaucracy Han Dynasty *Lecture Notes...
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