WH1010 Exam 2 Study Guide

WH1010 Exam 2 Study Guide - Carthage Hannibal Zama Cannae...

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Hist. 1010 Study Guide Exam #2 Disclaimer: The following is a general guide to help you prepare for the upcoming exam. It is not to be understood as a comprehensive guide to the topics that will be covered on the exam. Moreover, it must be stated that acquiring a simple definition of each of the following key terms will not serve you well on the exam. You must understand the material in its context in order to do well. Chapter 5 Crete Minoans Knosos Peloponnesus Mycenaean Greeks Dorians Iliad Odyssey Homer Greek Dark Ages Tyrants Polis Acropolis Athens Sparta Messenians Peisistratus Hippias Delian League Thermopylae Hoplites Xerxes Themistocles Battle of Salamis Leonidas Pericles The Peloponnesian War Alcibiades Socrates Philip II of Macedon Alexander the Great Hellenistic Greece League of Corinth Lecture Notes Chapter Six Etruscans Patrician Plebe Roman Republic (founding)
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Unformatted text preview: Carthage Hannibal Zama Cannae Senatus Populares Que Romani (Roman Senate) Oligarchy Struggle of the Orders Punic Wars Paterfamilias Optimates Populares The Gracchi Brothers 509 BC 313 AD Julius Caesar Brutus Octavian/Caesar Augustus Pax Romana Alaric the Visigoth Odovacer 476 AD Romulus Augustulus Germanic Invasions Constantine Byzantium Constantinople Conversion of Constantine Lecture Notes Chapter Seven 622 AD 630 AD Arabia Bedouins Mecca Kaaba Hijrah Muhammad Ummah Quran People of the Book Shia Sunni Abu Bakr Caliph Jihad Sharia Crusades Medina Five Pillars of Islam Abu-al-Abbas Baghdad Mamluks Seljuk Turks Mongols Dome of the Rock Lecture Notes Chapter Eight Great Zimbabwe Stateless Society Sahara Ethiopia Nubia Mali Songhay Sundiata Swahili Slavery Lecture Notes...
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WH1010 Exam 2 Study Guide - Carthage Hannibal Zama Cannae...

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