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Project: SAP Navigation and Sales Order Processing Purpose : To understand ERP System and Business Process Part 1: (15 points) Follow the tutorial for “SAP Logging On” to log on to the SAP system: Note : Most of the computers in HCoB lab have been used for this SAP exercise before; so it is likely that there will be >>FS2 – Western Michigan University on the Description list as shown in the tutorial. Enter Client, User ID, and Password as provided by the instructor After you successfully logon to SAP system, follow the tutorial for “SAP Navigation” until you finish. Then, follow the tutorial for “SAP Sales Order Processing Project” to create Inquiry, Sales Order, Delivery, Picking the order, Post Goods Issue, Invoice, and Receive payment from the Customer Type your answers for the following questions: 1. Some times it is useful to be looking at two (or more) different screens in SAP simultaneously. How many interactive sessions a user can create under one User ID? (1
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