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STUDENT FILMS - Room • A nerdy girl shows up thinking it...

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Communications 150 February 11, 1999 Announcements: The median score on the exam was an 85%. Lecture Notes: STUDENT FILMS Roman's Empire Punk Rock Musical Roman, Franco, and Ollie are best friends growing up and play in their own band Ollie, the drummer, has to leave the band and go work at Value City because the band doesn't make any money Franco falls in love with this girl, Annette, so he's not really too into the band, either Roman starts getting depressed about not going anywhere as a musician One day in the middle of class, he gets up and starts singing and playing the guitar. When he's done, the whole class is clapping. This gets him out of his funk. Who's That Girl A guy falls in love with this girl in his Bi Sci class He places a personal ad in the Collegian for her to meet him at the Corner
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Unformatted text preview: Room • A nerdy girl shows up, thinking it was meant for her, and drags him inside the restaurant • The real girl shows up while he's in the restaurant with the nerd • The next day he bumps in to the real girl on the street but he can't speak, he's tongue-tied. He ends up settling for the nerdy girl Up Over • Documentary about two Australian exchange students • They discuss the stereotypes they had of Americans and the stereotypes Americans have of Australians Citizen Bob • Story about an Islamic man living in New York • He works in a convenience store but gets fired because he doesn't have a green card • He turns to a friend for help and the friend gets him involved in some shady selling business • He's shot by somebody holding up a convenience store in the end...
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