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FinalExamStudyGuide - IPC 361 Final Exam Study Guide Note...

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IPC 361 -- Final Exam Study Guide Note : This list is not necessarily comprehensive; instead, this list was designed to help guide your studies for the exam. Chapter Nine: Conflict Gender differences in responses to conflict Factors present when conflict exists What do low levels of conflict reflect? Benefits of conflict Orientations to conflict: win-win, lose-lose, win-lose, etc. Active & passive interpersonally constructive responses to relational conflict Disconfirmation, hostile mindreading, self-summarizing, offering counterproposals Cross-complaining, kitchensinking, excessive metacommunication Bracketing, contracting Exit, loyalty, neglect, and voice responses; who tends to use which response when? Games, grace, letting go, contracting 4 elements of every communication situation: me, you, situation, and topic 5 negotiation strategies: placating, pouncing, computing, distracting, & leveling Chapter Ten: Friendships Gender differences in maintaining long-distance friendships, gender differences in expressing
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