Comedy and Liberation

Comedy and Liberation - Communications 150 Announcements...

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Communications 150 February 16, 1999 Announcements: The student films are available on reserve in the Sparks Building. Lecture Notes: I. Comedy and Liberation Jokes recognize racial, class, and gender issues Comedy dispels significance of these differences by the end of the film II. Resolving Ethnic Differences: Modern Times Making fun of ethnic differences was the forefront of film comedy This film makes fun of the exploitation of the urban immigrant in an industrialized society We are forced to look beneath stereotyping and recognize humanity and dignity Charlie Chaplin plays an ethnic immigrant whose job is tightening nuts and bolts on a machine. His humanity is stripped from him. He takes part an experiment of scientific management o Profit is a priority over humans o In the experiment, he is automatically fed by a machine to reduce the lines for food Clip : Chaplin is doing his job as usual and then the machine speeds up and he gets sucked into it o He emerges from machine which shows he won't be completely "swallowed up" by the industrial society III. Resolving Gender Differences: Bringing Up Baby High comedy o verbal puns o used in transformation of movies into stories o geared toward well educated middle class Low comedy o physical slapstick humor o appealed to urban ethnic people
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A. Bringing Up Baby Cary Grant plays a paleontologist, who is highly repressed in his sexuality An example of high comedy: o A dog runs away with a bone he needs to put together his dinosaur o He keeps asking, "Where's my inter coastal clavicle?" o This is a tongue-in-cheek play on words When he steps out of his world of science he meets Katherine Hepburn By using her leopard(Baby) and her dog(George), she tries to get Grant to notice her Clip : An example of low comedy: o Hepburn and Grant are at an upscale restaurant and she rips her dress in the back o He has to walk right behind her through the restaurant so no one sees the rip o The clip shows their attraction to each other In the end they get married: marriage assimilates the differences between men and women IV. Resolving Class Difference: My Man Godfrey
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Comedy and Liberation - Communications 150 Announcements...

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