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Inside the World of Boys: Behind the Mask of Masculinity 1. Do you think Adam’s story is true of many boys in the U.S. – that boys must “wear a mask”? Do any of you know a boy who feels he must “wear a mask,” like Adam? 2. Where do boys learn that it is unacceptable for men and boys to show fear, uncertainty, loneliness, and need? 3. Why do boys feel they cannot discuss these feelings with family members, friends,
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Unformatted text preview: counselors, or coaches? 4. What is the “Boy Code?” How have you seen this code used in your own life? 5. How is shame used to “toughen up” little boys? 6. If this article is accurate, how can we change this code, eliminate the mask, when others still adhere to the code and punish those who do not?...
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