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Leaving Work and Staying Home: The Impact on Men of Terminating the Male-Economic-Provider Role Cohen, T. F., & Durst, J. (2001). Leaving work and staying home: The impact on men of terminating the male-economic-provider role. In T. F. Cohen's (Ed.), Men and masculinity: A text reader (pp. 302-319). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. 1. What does it mean for a man to be the “provider?” Do you agree that this role has been traditionally and stereotypically a male role in our society? 2. What happened, traditionally, if a male could not fulfill that provider role? 3. Do you agree with the authors that, as women have moved into the workforce and become providers, men feel greater pressure to expand what they do in (as opposed to merely for ) their families? Give examples. 4. How does this added pressure affect men’s lives? 5. What are the five major areas of men’s lives impacted when they decide to stay at home? In your opinion, which impacts are predominantly positive? Which are predominantly negative? 6.
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