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Coursework 1.5 - Page 1 Exercise 1.5 Sections I & II...

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Page 1 Jill Arendt Section I : 2) No C are E C-Creationists Some B are not C __ E-Evolutionists Some E are not B B-people who believe in the Bible C-Cats No Cats are Dogs E-Dogs Some Mammals are not Cats__ B-Mammals Some Dogs are not Mammals 3) No P are M P-Patents All P are R __ M-Measures that discourage research No M are R R-Regulations that protect P-Women No Women are Men M-Men All Women are Humans_ R-Humans No Men are Humans 5) Some P are S P-Politician No S are T ___ S-People that stop at nothing to win elections No P are T T-True statesmen P-Humans Some Humans are Men S-Men No Men are Women____ T-Women No Humans are Women 6) All S are T M-Meticulously constructed timepieces All S are M _ T-True works of art All M are T S-Swiss watches M-Human All Women are Female T-Female All Women are Human _ S-Women All Humans are Female 8) Some T are S T-Toxic Dump Some S are U S-Sites that emit hazardous wastes Some T are U U-Undesirable places to live near T-Females Some Females are Human S-Human Some Humans are Male U-Male Some Females are Male
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Coursework 1.5 - Page 1 Exercise 1.5 Sections I & II...

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