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Name__Garrett Ozar______________ ENT 250-01/70 Final Exam Fall 2007 1) By understanding that you, your customers and your employees all have different paradigms, “Our paradigm shapes the way we take in information by giving us our initial reaction to any problem or situation because of the previous experiences that we have incurred that are related to the specific problem or situation” (Midterm). Therefore, when you attempt to start, grow, or market your venture, in order to reach as many people as possible, you need to make sure that you take into consideration that everyone does have different paradigms. You have to use advertisements that are easily translated and do not offend people. By understanding how your employees work, you can run a more efficient company by making sure that your employees are at their full productivity level. If you do not understand what makes them happy and what gives them a sense of freedom, workers will not nearly be as creative and your company may lose a substantial amount of growth due to lack of innovation. Many large companies have adopted the idea of listening to all employees’ ideas, taking the theory that the more ideas the better. 2) Having a clear vision and mission for your company is vital to having a successful venture. The vision that you have of your company needs to be clear and precise on what you want it to look like ten years down the road. The mission of your company needs to incorporate your beliefs and goals for your company, and then it needs to coincide with your entire company including your employees. Disconnects from the vision or the mission of your company may be the downfall of your venture if it is not dealt with or improved in a prompt manner. The mission and vision need to be on the same page and moving in the same direction—otherwise links of the chain may start to break and the company will end up being on an unknown path that leads to destruction. The mission
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Name__Garrett Ozar______________ and vision also are very important to landing potential customers and keeping past ones loyal. In order to run a successful venture, your corporate culture needs to be on the same page with your goals, mission, and vision, otherwise, you are again on a path doomed to fail. 3) Guerilla marketing is an innovative marketing technique that was developed in an effort to create a marketing plan using a low budget. Methods that are used are either free or very inexpensive, but require time, energy, and creativity. Five methods that we discussed in class are: going on the radio to promote your venture, writing an article on your venture to publish in a local newspaper, sponsoring a youth athletic team, handing out flyers in public venues, and creating a Facebook or Myspace group for your company. Guerilla marketing is such an important tool for small businesses because many do not have the funds to afford an expensive marketing budget, but do have the will power to create a successful marketing plan. Why not use guerilla marketing tactics if
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Final Exam - Name_Garrett Ozar_ ENT 250-01/70 Final Exam...

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