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Marketing and Advertising Project ENT 250 Group Project 2 (125 Total Points) Due November 14, 2007 Students will prepare a marketing and advertising plan and advertising materials for a product or service. The product or service should be a brand new one of the student’s creation or an innovation on an existing product or service. The project has several components with groups writing a paper, doing a presentation, and creating marketing and advertising materials as deliverables for the project. Paper Students will submit a written paper that includes the following information: 1) Product Description a) Describe in detail the product or service being marketed; b) Identify the features of the product or service that differentiate it from its competitors; c) Identify what the customer is really buying when they purchase the product or service and the value that the product or service provides the customer. d)
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Marketing%20and%20Advertising%20Project-2 - Marketing and...

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