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midterm answers - Garrett Ozar ENT 250 Exam 1 (Midterm)...

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Garrett Ozar ENT 250 Exam 1 (Midterm) October 10, 2007 Professor Davidson Matching 1. b.(Extroversion vs introversion) 2. e (SJ) 3. c (Left brain) 4. a (Divergent thinking) 5. d (Kinesthetic) 6. A paradigm is the perspective that one has of the world around them. The factors that influence our paradigm are the experiences we have on an everyday basis and the attitude and/or behavior that we have while doing so. Other factors that influence our paradigm are the environment we grow up in and the people that surround us in our everyday life. No two people have the same paradigm because no two people have shared all the same experiences from the exact same perspective. Our paradigm shapes the way we take in information by giving us our initial reaction to any problem or situation because of the previous experiences that we have incurred that are related to the specific problem or situation. 7. The three learning styles that we discussed in class are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners excel in learning environments that include diagrams, pictures, charts, and graphs, while having minimal visual distractions. Auditory learners absorb information best while they are listening, they usually are the ones that remember lyrics with ease and can be often found reading aloud. Kinesthetic learners learn by
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touching, feeling, talking with their hands, being active, and often needing to take breaks. Most people as children are kinesthetic learners and then gradually shift towards being visual or auditory learners later in life, while others remain kinesthetic. 8. The four Keirsey temperaments are guardians, artisans, idealists, and rationals. Guardians watch over others, are usually managers, administrators, work in groups, are detail oriented, goal oriented, like to teach, like to become ministers, accountants, and presidents. Artisans live in the now. They see things then react accordingly, they are
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midterm answers - Garrett Ozar ENT 250 Exam 1 (Midterm)...

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