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Obadele Brown September 24, 2007 Joe Hodge’s Constitutional Law Problems 1. The provisions in the Constitution that support the actions of Joe and Estelle are amendments I and II. Estelle has the freedom to express her feelings peacefully and Joe has the right to bare arms. Amendments XIII and XVI prohibit what Joe did because he made people who owed him money go through involuntary servitude and he is also subject to tax on all income including his brewery, whether it was legal or illegal. 2. Officer O’Brien and the FBI are wrong when they storm into Joe’s house with no search warrant because of Amendment IV. The FBI agent is wrong for taking O’Brien’s gun; he has a right to bare arms because of Amendment II. O’Brien also said he can pay a bail of 1 million dollars which is cruel and unusual punishment because it is excessive bail, indicated in Amendment VIII. New Jersey state officials seize Joe’s home with out due process which is against
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Unformatted text preview: Amendment XIV. The National Guard puts soldiers from the Air Force base in Joes living room which is against Amendment III. The last thing the police officers did wrong was arrest Estelle for defacing the American flag. Amendment IX says rights that are not specifically mentioned within the Constitution are held by the citizens, and defacing the American flag is not in the Constitution. 3. To propose a new Amendment to the Constitution Congress will have to get two-thirds vote of both Houses of Congress or two-thirds of the states can call a convention to propose Amendments. Three-Fourths of the states must ratify the proposed change before it may become an Amendment to the Constitution. 4. I believe there should be an amendment that guarantees education to help to those who want it should be included in the constitution....
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