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ACCT252 Spreadsheet Project October 26, 2007 This project has two purposes: (1) it will help you understand the budgeting process in any company – in particular the assumptions that are necessary to prepare a budget and the calculations that occur because of those assumptions and (2) it is meant to help you become more familiar with the functions of a spreadsheet through the use of an application common to management accounting – budgeting. The spreadsheet is simply a tool that makes the preparation (and more importantly the modification) of a budget or other analyses easier, but the knowledge required to actually build the budget or analysis must still come from you. This project: Begins to give you techniques that are helpful in developing a spreadsheet that is capable of being used for more than one time and by more than one person. Helps you realize that you must also critically review your spreadsheet for “logic errors” which lead to errors in calculation. Don’t accept a result just because it came from a spreadsheet! Always ask the question – does the answer make sense? Reminds/teaches you of formatting techniques that will help both you and individuals who look at your spreadsheet have a clearer understanding of its meaning. Is a good review of material that has been covered in both Acct251 and Acct252. 1
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ACCT252 Spreadsheet Project October 26, 2007 Project Definition You are to use Excel (or other spreadsheet, but it must be compatible with Excel and you must obtain my approval before starting the project) to prepare a master budget from the “Case Problem” data provided on that attached sheets. The master budget is for a three month period and includes the following: A sales budget in dollars by month and in total A schedule of expected cash collections by month and in total
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ss_project_description_F07 - ACCT252 Spreadsheet Project...

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