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Doyle, L. (2007, November 30). "Turner Becomes Largest Private Landowner in US" Independent News. Retrieved November 30, 2007, from Hatcher, J. (2007, December 1). The Early Life of Ted Turner. Ted Turner. Retrieved December 1, 2007, from Jones, D. (2006, July 17). Business Hero. Retrieved December 1, 2007, from McLeland, S. (2007, November 25). Ted Turner. U.S. Media Mogul. Museum.TV. Retrieved November 25, 2007, from . (2007, November 29). Ted Turner Launches New Clean Energy
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Unformatted text preview: Business Venture: DT Solar. Retrieved November 29, 2007, from Turner Foundation . (2007, December 1). The Foundation. Retrieved December 1, 2007, from Turner, T. (1986, Mar, 31). "Ted Turner's Quantum Leap." Broadcasting . Washington, D.C. Turner, T. (2004, August ). "My Beef With Big Media" How government protects big media--and shuts out upstarts like me. Washington Monthly. Retrieved November 29, 2007, from Williams, C. (1981). Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way: The Story of Ted Turner. New York: Times Books....
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