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GolfCourseSeeker Survey

GolfCourseSeeker Survey - 2 Would it be more convenient for...

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GolfCourseSeeker Survey GolfCourseSeeker is an online based website that provides the locations of golf courses in the United States as well as desirable vacation destinations in near by countries. You type in a zip code or city, and a list of courses is shown in order of distance, each course provided also shows the costs, rating, and a map via mapquest. Participating golf courses will allow users to sign up for tee-times directly online. The site also provides a service that enables the user to plan all-inclusive golfing vacations that include airfare, hotels, transportation, food, and golf. 1. Would you use an online based service that would allow you to access a list of golf courses in a designated area just by using the cities name or zip code? Y / N Comments:____________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Would it be more convenient for you if you were able to set up a tee time directly online, rather than calling and setting one up with the pro-shop? Y / N Comments:____________________________________________ 3. Would you be interested in going on a vacation that would include airfare, hotel, transportation, and golf tee times all set up through one web-site? Y / N Comments:____________________________________________ 4. How often would you use the website? Y / N Comments:____________________________________________ 5. Do you have any suggestions to add features to the website? Comments:___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________...
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