Syllabus - office hours Tues 2-4 pm Textbook Rocking the...

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978-078725706 GEOSC 10 Tuesday January 12 1999 Announcements : Syllabus was handed out; first reading is due Thursday January 14 "Death Valley (intro. to plate tectonics) Lecture notes : o What was pangea? Pangea was a supercontinent where all of the present day continents had once fit together. o When was pangea? Pangea was roughly 210-250 million years ago. No other notes were given in today’s lecture. SYLLABUS Time : Tuesday and Thursday 9:45-11 am Professor : Tanya Furman 305 Deike Building phone 865-5782 e-mail [email protected] office hours Mon. 9-10 am and Fri.10:30-11:30 am Teaching Assistant : Rachel Bosch 313 Deike Building phone 863-3965 e-mail [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: office hours Tues. 2-4 pm Textbook : Rocking the Parks by R.B. Alley isbn: 978-0787257064 Grading : All mid-term exams are short answer or essay and are worth 20% each. There will be four (4) short writing assignments which are worth 10% each. And finally there will be one quantitative exercise from the book which is worth 10%. There will also be five (5) "attendance quizzes" given at unexpected intervals throughout the semester. Points from these quizzes can be added to the exam grade of your choice. Exams : First Exam: February 11 1999 Second Exam: April 1 1999 Third Exam: TBA (during finals week)...
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Syllabus - office hours Tues 2-4 pm Textbook Rocking the...

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