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article response 1 dec 3

article response 1 dec 3 - Garrett Ozar Assignment...

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Garrett Ozar Assignment 10—Innovative Organizations Article Respnose December 3, 2007 Professor Davidson The article, “A Passion for the Planet” explores the environmental friendliness of Patagonia Inc, a surf shop based in California. An experienced businessman decided to beg for a job at Patagonia because of its reputation of caring for the environment as well as its employees. Employees of Patagonia go on climbing, fishing, skiing, and surfing expeditions all the time, making them experts at their field, while letting them have fun. Patagonia allows its employees to take two months off with full pay to join an environmental group. They separate themselves from their competition by being different, caring for their employees, while still having the environment in their minds at all times. The article, “Get Creative!” is a thorough piece on how business is becoming more competitive through “creativity, imagination, and above all, innovation.” Ultimately
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