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Chapter 3: Alternate and Online Dispute Resolution should be read for the week's first class meeting. Writings: See “Course documents,” “About the writings” for information regarding format. 1. Create a PowerPoint slide for each term, with its definition, at the end of Chapter 3, page 80. One slide per term/definition and a graphic on each slide, please. 2. Write at least 200 words about the services and information provided by the American
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Unformatted text preview: Arbitration Association. Web site is below. 3. Write at least 200 words about the services provided by CyberSettle regarding online dispute resolution. Web site is below. Research: 1. Surf the American Arbitration Association’s web page, , and write about what you find, above. 2. Surf CyberSettle’s site, , and wr...
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